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Us humans are constantly evolving. Kalyn has made a point to enjoy this evolution, not only in their changing interests but also in their identity. 

Kalyn is proud to identify as queer and non-binary. These two words have brought them an immense amount of freedom and peace within their body and they hope to make that feeling more accessible to others. Representation of LGBTQIA+ identities in the media is key - it's one of the reasons they became an actor. That same search for representation, community, and pride is also why Kalyn founded So Queer No Fear. SQNF redefined pride apparel helped Kalyn find their queer network in the southeast. Kalyn has since closed the company in order to focus on other endeavors. 

Human - SQNF

read all about it!

Online zine Canvas Rebel got the scoop on how being queer has affected Kalyn's acting career. 

Kalyn writes, "In a good scene, there’s this magical feeling where everything slips away – the camera, audience, director, an internal monologue of 'Am I doing this right?' – and all that’s left is you, the other people in the scene, and the task at hand. It feels like flying."

To read more, visit the link below. 

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podcast interview

On the It's A Slate of Mind podcast, Kalyn opens up about their first few years in the entertainment industry as a queer actor. They share not only some of the struggles, but also how non-queer artists can be better allies within the industry.


The episode is now streaming on Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and more. 

*Note that at the time of this recording, Kalyn identified with she/her pronouns. Their pronouns have since changed to they/them. 

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